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The Best Websites to Complete CrowdFlower Tasks

Completing CrowdFlower tasks is a great way to earn cash online. There are many sites with CrowdFlower. Choosing a good CrowdFlower site is crucial to your earning potential. I have joined many GPT sites that have CrowdFlower. In this post I will provide you with information about the sites that are best for you to use.These websites all have many other methods to gain money as well.

Clixsense.com – Was started back in 2007. People from all over the world can join. Clixsense has millions of members. You can complete CrowdFlower tasks as well as surveys, PTC, advertiser offers,download,mobile apps,videos and more. The minimum amount needed for payout is $8.00 The payment methods available are PayPal, Payza, Netteller, PayToo, TangoCard or Check.

instaGC.com – Registration is open to all countries. You can complete CrowdFlower tasks.You can also earn money from completing advertiser offers. The minimum needed before you can cash out is only $1.00. You get paid by either choosing PayPal,E-Check,Direct Deposit or over 100 gift card choices these choices include Visa virtual credit cards, Amazon gift card codes, Walmart, Domino’s, Apple, Google Play and over 100 others. You get paid instantly with PayPal or with gift cards.

Get-paid.com – This is an unique website. You have many ways to get cash including completing CrowdFlower tasks. You can also transcribe text off from images, Complete offers, mobile apps, download games,paid to click and lots more. The minimum needed to request payment is $1.00 for USA and UK, all other is only 50 cents.

KeepRewarding.com – This is a UK based GPT site that has 29 offer walls including CrowdFlower. The minimum amount needed for cash out is $1.00, you may choose from PayPal, Amazon codes, Starbucks ans Walmart gift cards. People from all over the world use this site to make some extra money in there spare time.

For more information about the best GPT sites I encourage you to visit Top50GPT.com.

Instant PayPal CrowdFlower Site

You can now get instant PayPal payments on one of the most popular CrowdFlower sites. The site is instaGC.com and it is a free to use rewards site that has many ways to earn cash and gift cards including CrowdFlower tasks that pay more than most GPT Sites with CrowdFlower.

Registration on instaGC.com is open to most countries. Their support is top notch, they will help you if you ever need it and help fast. They also have detailed guides to help you earn even more.

They really do have more tasks available than other CrowdFlower sites and they pay more per task as well. This site has become the favorite site for people looking to make money on CrowdFlower.